H3 Treated pine 90x45 - 3.6m

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Treated Pine MGP10 Grade Timber

At THQ Australia, our 90x45 framing timber is the backbone of resilient deck foundations. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our high-quality timber offers the ideal dimensions to fortify your decking projects. This sturdy, reliable material provides the essential support necessary to ensure your decks stand the test of time, promising strength and stability for outdoor spaces that endure all seasons.

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H3 Treated pine 90x45 - 3.6m

H3 Treated pine 90x45 - 3.6m

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The Do's And Don'ts


1. You may notice a slight variation in color during the first month of use. This is normal.

2. Profiles must be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, away from direct exposure to sunlight.
- Store and transport the profiles horizontally.
- When handling long profiles (over 2 meters), seek the help of a second person.

3. Exercise caution when using electrical products and power tools outdoors.
- Please strictly follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions.
- Never use electrical equipment outdoors when it is raining.

Disclaimers: Please read the installation guide carefully, all damage caused by faulty installation is not covered by the warranty

Installation Guide

Please clean the decking with a mop or brush and warm soapy water, never use any strong decontamination and high-pressure wash, it will demage the wpc embossing and leave the marks that can't be removed.

Maintenance Guide

The types of stains


Dust and dirt

use a hard brush dipped in warm soapy water to remove it.


Scrub with ordinary wood mold class agents, or bleach to rinse or wipe it directly.

Chalk stains

In addition to the white chalk, other colors can not be removed once the printing, you can use bleaching agent with hop soapy water to scratch it

Ice or snow

Apply calcium chloride or rock salt, it can melt ice or snow. Then you can use hot soapy water to wash it.

Stain,soil and dirts

Apply detergent, which contains oxalic acid or phosphoric acid. Wiping the stain for 10-15 minutes, you can remove stains.

Greasy and Oil-based Stains

Once a greasy stain, please immediately use household cleaning products with hot soapy water to wash it.

Juice and wine stains

Mix the bleach stains agents and hot soapy water to dilute the stain and then wipe the stain.

Ink stains

Ink stains may not be removed. Mix bleach stains agents and hot soapy water to dilute the stain.

Why WPC Co-Extrusion Decking?