Charcoal External Wall Cladding

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219mmx28mmx3000mm , 219mmx28mmx5400mm


 3000mm, 5400mm


Lines Finish

Side View:


Charcoal External Wall Cladding

Charcoal External Wall Cladding

Main Components

Installation Guide

Designed for Your Comfort

Measure the wall size, Fix the joist to the wall by expansion bolt and connector, pls keep the span between two joist within 400mm, distance between two expension screws wthin 500mm.

Cut the red part of the edge of 1st panel that fixed at the corner and fix it by screws.

Fix 2nd wall panel at the corner as picture and fix it by screws.

Click the wall panels one by one, fix the screws at the edge groove

Fix the edge cover to the corner by screws.

Fix the edge cover to the end of wall by screws

Why Interior Wall Cladding?